What is Lumin Coin?

Lumin Coin is the first crypto currency that facilitates direct democracy over monetary policies.

It could be as adaptable and economically compatible compared to centralized systems, but it would be much more transparent, democratic and decentralized.

Anyone could propose, vote on and execute the policies on chain, and thus making it much harder for a small group of bankers to obtain hidden priviledges. The coin will start as a token on an established blockchain, to utilize security of the existing infrastructure. But it will develop to have its own blockchain and sharding chains, to best serve the future monetary world


The primary utility of Lumin would be to serve as a currency.

It is designed to achieve this from several fronts: monetary designs, on-chain utilities, scaling solutions, community rewards.

Monetary designs: Monetarily, traditional cryptos are designed more like a storage of value than a medium of exchange, as they are all pre-programmed to be strictly deflationary in the long term. Such design is very bad for economy, as it curbs consumption/production, but more relevant here is that it favors money receivers than money spenders.

A money receiver would want to spend alternatives than the deflationary tokens, ceteris paribas. (If you can pay back government debts in both dollars and gold, you would pay in dollars.) This could greatly limit such cryptos’ transaction usage in the long run.

On the other hand, Lumin is designed to be adaptable, the community could vote to keep Lumin hand in hand with real economies, so that it favor neither money receivers or spenders, and would be readily accepted by both parties. As things compound in the monetary world, such tendency could help Lumin’s usage as a currency in the long term.

On-chain utilities: Lumin will has its own DEX, NFTs with functionality and other on-chain usage. It is designed so that owners of Lumin could invest or save Lumin for additional income.

Scaling solutions: We plan to build Lumin’s own blockchain and other related scaling solutions in the future. It will be designed to be able to serve whole countries for their transaction dealings. Privacy and other functionality will be added afterwards.

Community awards: As the community vote to determine the system’s monetary future, the interest of all Lumin users could be very much aligned. In this case, the community could vote to award vendors, payment processors and others who adopt Lumin for their transactions. It can also airdrop to some of the people for them to try this new monetary system.

With such mechanism, Lumin can grow faster than any other previous cryptos, which has a pre-programmed treasury, or has a foundation or etc, as interest of the controllers of the foundations may be not aligned with the whole community.



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