The MTK Token distribution path continues to evolve according to a well-developed plan, shaving new facets and complemented by vital updates. MTK Token Development Department is in a hurry to share with a key update - the transition to the new interchangeable TRC-20 network. Thanks to this change, the token will preserve its structural basis and reduce transaction fees to a minimum. This update opens up new opportunities for working with MTK Token and increases the loyalty of partners. Also, soon we will share the latest information regarding the first listing and entry of MTK Token on the world crypto-exchange. This is a significant step in the history and scaling of MTK Token. Stay tuned for up-to-date information.


Dear partners of MTK Token, according to the well-developed roadmap, this period of time is marked by the release of the token on the exchange platforms of partners and public listing with the possibility of buying / storing / selling a token. Today we are announcing the first public listing of MTK Token on the global crypto exchange Exrates. This platform has managed to prove itself from the best side, regularly being featured in thematic tops and articles, owning high indicators of the turnover of funds and the names of trading pairs. From this moment on, the Exrates exchange becomes an official partner platform open for working with MTK Token. It should be noted that at the moment representatives of MTK Token are at an advanced stage of negotiations with representatives of several exchanges and media holdings. The conclusion of such partnership deals allows us to expand the information and operational component of the MTK Token ecosystem. Follow the latest news on the official website of the token Exrates official: https: // Exrates official chanel: https: // stats: https: // Trading pairs: https: // // //


The digital department of the international investment platform Magic Trading, which is responsible for the development of MTK Token, is pleased to announce another public listing of the coin on the world exchange Azbit.

Starting today, every MTK Token holder can conduct transactions on USDT/BTC/ETH pairs. Azbit is one of the largest and most popular exchanges with an incredible set of positive features and is one of the world's Top-100 according to CoinMarketCap. We congratulate team of developers on rapid development of token!

Follow the latest news on the official website of

Azbit official:

Azbit official channel:

Azbit stats:

Trading pairs:



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