In 2018, Blockchain was a buzzword(just like DeFi is today) and became a vehicle for innovations in many aspects of life. Of importance is the education aspect. In 2019,Joshua Broggi, a philosophy professor, along with a group of Oxford academia founded Woolf University, the first Blockchain higher institution. This set a marker in the academic circle and sent out a message that Blockchain has gained more mainstream traction., and it is ubiquitously seen as 'borderless university'. It recently got accredited for lectures, which has already commenced with many courses up. Woolf is the first university to use its own blockchain data ledger but it is certainly not the first to innovate the potential of this relatively new technology. Mainstream universities like the University of Arizona has a dedicated Blockchain academia and are stepping up to the plate.


How does StudentCoin come into all this?

Though a relatively complex ecosystem, Student Coin is the first cryptocurrency and the world’s biggest token related to university networks and it already supports over 500 universities in over 30 countries aiming to put tokenization into the mainstream. Its mission and aim is to create a valuable token to educate and unite students around the world. Under the guidance of Wojciech, the Student Coin CEO & Founder, from the Kozminski University, a popular business school in Warsaw, Poland; Student Coin project is run by students, faculties, and entrepreneurs from 17 elite universities and counting, which includes the following and not restricted, like Kozminski University, New York University, Harvard University, Stanford University, University of Oxford, London School of Economics, University of Warsaw, Maastricht University, or Imperial College London. All the academia, students, and alumni from over 500 supported universities are eligible to receive a one-time 100 STC airdrop if they register with their university email. With Student Coin, there is building and managing of personal, corporate, and Defi tokens at a terminus, with a profitable tokenization which is profitable for holders such as firms, startups, universities, and investors as it gives an option for unlimited crowdfunding and decentralized governance. Also investors can profit from the increasing demand of STC tokens in the ecosystem. And participate in all STC events like crowdsales.


The tokenization is baked into the Student Coin Ecosystem which comprise of segments which are the STC Terminal, STC Educational Panel and STC Exchange, with all integrated into the STC Mobile App, which all permits building of personal tokens, corporate tokens with blockchain technology provision as the store of academic data.

With this terminal, Student Coin can issue and manage their own personal, startup and Defi tokens in an intuitive and manner at no cost.

The STC Educational Panel educates and promotes the project and the blockchain to the students and even general populace and investors.

Tokens minted at the STC Terminal are tracked and traded into other tokens in a seamless manner. Students can trade as trading pairs like OXF/STC, MLB/STC

The mobile app which is available for iOS and Android to store, swap, and easily use the utility of the tokens created with the Student Terminal. ” and also allows tokens to be stored and apply their utilities in the real

facilities as well as learning.

Blockchain is here to stay. Broggi and other Blockchain academia are getting backup. And its academic integration means a collation center is needed for easy integration with both mainstream, blockchain and hybrid university systems. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the academia collation center, Student Coin.

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Joseph Johns is a successful Emergency Medicine Physician and an ardent cryptocurrency and Blockchain connoisseur

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