A problem identified, is a problem solved. Armed adequately with the mission of commercial use of blockchain technology, Volare Network aims to actively attract highly accessible dApps. For this purpose, in the process of selecting the most technologically appropriate blockchain engine, the Volare Network considered the most important factors: high speed, smart contract support for easy development, and system scalability. The much-touted Equilibrium engine is designed commercially available by realizing high transactions per second and guaranteeing network scalability. The non-competitive consensus algorithm profoundly enhanced transaction speed and managed structural characteristics to address limitations caused by network expansion that prevent degradation as network scale and service increase. As a result, individual services operating within the Volare network provide stable service to users with improved speed and the strength of not being affected by other services.


This Engine was the brainchild of the EQBR Group which consists of EQBR Holdings, a holding company incorporated in Korea. As a core of EQBR Group, EQBR Holdings developed main technologies which are the basis of many businesses engaged by EQBR Group and has continued to publish a full line-up of blockchain applications, including among other dApps like the Whisper Messenger. The founders of EQBR Holdings determined that current blockchain-based service networks are inadequate for general commercial
use and saw the need for a new blockchain engine that can surpass the
performance of not only first and second-generation blockchain networks,
but other existing third-generation blockchain networks, in terms of speed
and the scalability. To this end, EQBR Holdings developed an entirely new
blockchain engine rather than relying on forking other mainnets.




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