The evolution of messaging technology?

Messenger or chat apps were borne out of the need for mobile communication abilities. Those old chat rooms were built for people sitting at a desktop or laptop, not with our phones or tablets in mind. As internet and data speeds have vastly improved, the experience of communicating by mobile has grown as well, allowing better features and capabilities. As the sheer volume of chat apps surpassed SMSes, there arose a need for a more interactive and futuristic app to tackle the above needs. Part of the push toward mobile chat apps came because the mobile phone networks were still charging for every SMS sent. Using data to operate a chat app became a more appealing option for many users. As time went on the need to send other media, apart from texts grew with pictures, videos, apps, and other media transferred between clients. We also saw the growth of a different market that was not consumer-focused — that of enterprise chat.

Blockchain Messengers

Blockchain technology provides the world with a more secure and efficient means of doing business. The need for privacy, data security, and easy-to-implement systems have long been the focus of corporations. This demand for private instant communication fueled the rise of popular encrypted messengers like Telegram and WhatsApp. Now it appears that blockchain technology is trying to revolutionize the way we communicate once more. As a result, blockchain messaging apps are on the rise.

How to Export & Import Whisper MSG friends list?

A friend list is an integral part of a chat app. The mnemonic codes are used to retrieve the user’s virtual assets stored in the wallet when the user is either voluntarily or involuntarily logged out of his Whisper account. However, mnemonic codes do not recover the user’s contact list as they are stored on a server but not on the Volare Network. The user’s contact list stored on a server can be temporarily exported when voluntarily logging out of the user’s Whisper account, and imported back when logging into the Whisper account again by entering the Export ID and Passcode. However, please be reminded that Export ID and Passcode can only be used when voluntarily logging out of the Whisper account as the Export ID and Passcode are temporarily valid for 12 hours. The contact list may be lost permanently when either the entered Export ID and Passcode is not valid when the 12 hour grace period expires or the contact list was not exported in case the Whisper account has been involuntarily logged out.
The Export ID and Passcode can be any word with 8 to 20 letters and the user may choose to use different words each time exporting.

<Export friend lists process>

<Import friend lists process>




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